The Star Institute

In September of 2019, Star Industrial Services opened the Star Institute, a non-profit professional development program designed to foster workforce readiness.

The Star Institute creates opportunities for advanced training in the Birmingham, Alabama, area where almost 90% of individuals earn a high school diploma, but only 31% of these high school graduates pursue advanced training or higher education. By partnering with automotive manufacturing companies, business sponsors, community leaders, local community colleges, and other training organizations, the Star Institute trains Alabama’s workforce. With 550,000 employable people locally and the growing requirement for a safety/skills trained labor force, the Star Institute bridges the gap between jobs and the workers who need skills to fulfill the job requirements.

The Star Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides the training that Alabama manufacturers require of their workforce. By partnering with Star Industrial Services, which has over 50 years of combined industry experience in providing on-demand labor for automotive parts producers, the Star Institute has trained more than 1000 production associates in Alabama, and is expanding its role in Birmingham by creating opportunities for workforce development training, manufacturing academics, and workforce shadowing. The Star Institute provides safety and workforce certification courses, and skills training in various in-demand trades, including assembly, stamping and die casting, CNC machining, robotics, inspection and containment, carpentry, sanitation, masonry, and electrical fields. By increasing training opportunities and helping manufacturers fill skilled-labor needs, the Institute prevents Alabamians from incurring student loan debt and serves as a force for growth, innovation, and prosperity in the region.

The Star Institute is proud to have Dr. Terrance Harrington on faculty. Dr. Harrington is an experienced educator and corporate trainer, with over 24 years of course and training development experience in corporate and academic settings. Dr. Harrington earned a Ph.D in Instructional Leadership, with an emphasis in Instructional Design and Instructional Technology, from the University of Alabama in 2011. Over the years, he has created over 50 courses, and well over 20 training programs for employees. In addition to curriculum and training/course development, Dr. Harrington has been a supervisor, a technology manager, a web developer, a database administrator, and a college professor.