Terrance Harrington, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Star Institute

Roles/Responsibilities at Star: Dr. Harrington serves as the director of education, training and professional development at the Institute. He is a consultant for businesses who need an instructional designer or technologist, and serves as the Institutes' chief liaison with other state training organizations, such as the Alabama Community College System.

Career Background: He is an educator and corporate trainer, with over twenty-four years of course and training development experience in academic and corporate settings. Dr. Harrington earned a Ph.D in Educational Leadership, with an emphasis in Instructional Design and Instructional Technology, from the University of Alabama in 2011. He has created over fifty academic courses, and over twenty training programs for employees. In addition to curriculum and training/course development, Dr. Harrington has been a math teacher, an instructional design supervisor, a programming supervisor, a technology manager, a web developer and administrator, a database administrator, an LMS administrator and a college professor.

Family: He has been happily married to H. Jane (Janie) Harrington for 21 years and they have two wonderful teenage sons, Andy and Kai.

Personal Interests: Among his hobbies, Dr. Harrington enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, and college sports.

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